Everyone Sang (musings on 31st December)

It was a beauteous night, and dusty
And we were all mum and droopy
Whilst the preacher droned on
And the rest of the world lived on

An expectant harmattan swirled around
As stemmed waters must feel bound
Yet gyrating as one tickled in erogenous places
On and on and on towards the climax

The cold outside was threatening to come in And we held our sweaters to ourselves As we gazed at the clock ahead Inching ever closer to the new birth
Suddenly everyone’s tongue was loosed Everyone’s voice was lifted in praise And sang in generous grateful tones And leapt in joyous ecstasy
Life and beauty poured out as at sunrise And my secret heart glowed with love And gratitude for life, family, friends Oh that the singing would never end!

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When all the love is gone

Do you know, my love;
Have you ever wondered
What would become of us
What we would be called
What we would do next
What we would leave behind
When love withers and dies?

When the light fades and rises not
And the cute little stars hide in shame
When the moon fears to show her face
And day and night become as one
When the heavens are shut up tight
And the earth cries out in thirsting
And all that is lusty and green fade?

When the streams return to the mountains And the oceans pour out their eternal rage When the darkness return from the abyss And the mountains explode in anger To burn all that was once green and fair When vipers come out in the day to hunt And the crows hold a banquet at noon
When the nations bare their teeth And the rulers rage in drunkenness When kith devour kin And mothers drown their infants To entertain their nightly guests When all roads lead nowhere And the gardens become battlefields?
No, my love, our love cannot die For when it dies, all else dies There wo…

The Ghanaian Way of Disputing Research Findings

Science is a body of knowledge that prides itself on reproducible research information. Science is tentative and lends itself to change in the face of alternative independently verifiable information. However, science is not a feeling and not a belief. Although Science has stood against conservatism as witnessed in the days of Galileo and Co, it nonetheless has a screened liberalism.

Much of what we know of science today is several years of cumulative change driven by research. And with advances in technology, the body of knowledge of science is on a constant revision. This revision, however, is not on the basis of individuals or groups assumptions of facts. Science in much of its communication on new findings employs modest expression such as “could have an association with”, “has the potential” etc. and shuns sounding authoritative.

Skepticism and disputes of scientific findings are welcome. Such an enterprise should, however, be based on at least informed reasoning argued on availab…

Tramadol Derogation, a Cause to Worry

It is not uncommon to find derogatory expressions and remarks with the use of Tramadol on social media and other media of communication. The unfortunate trend must not be allowed to continue unabated. Tramadol is an FDA approved prescription drug for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It is a mainstream drug in the country’s health system for the management of pain. For the drug to be associated with derogatory comments in everyday Ghanaian communication should be a cause of worry. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid drug and like other opioid drugs interferes with normal release of neurotransmitters, chemical mediators. This could lead to drug dependence and tolerance on continued repeated use. Drug dependence develops due to debilitating withdrawal symptoms and tolerance results when higher than normal doses are needed to elicit drug action. Affected individual thus need a continued and higher than normal doses of the drug for comfort due to their altered biology. Hitherto Tramado…

“Stop Tramadol Now” Campaign – The Case of The Drug Addict or Drug Dependent

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Hitherto I had no sympathy on drug addicts or drug dependents. I had thought of their situation as a free will choice to continue to engage in substance abuse. In my ignorance, I thought that they could on any day take a decision to cut off from substance abuse if they so wished. I showed outright scorn against addicts. Not even remorseful feelings of addicts during their subtle withdrawal and subsequent relapse could make me see an invisible force at play against them, for me to at least revise my harsh thoughts of deliberate irresponsible behavior attributed to them. Many like my former self, assume addicts hold onto the chains of the misery of substance abuse willingly.

I, however, had my prejudices against addicts reversed when I took the course “Drug Tolerance and Dependence” under the veritable Prof Lutterodt as part of my training for an MPhil Pharmacology degree. My ignorant assumptions against addicts got cured after the course. The co…

Weird Thoughts About Ghanaian Society

1.      A person who abuses others is hardly ever asked to stop. We don't want to stand up to the person doing wrong. Rather, we ask the victim(s) to tolerate the abuse. And if the victim refuses to accept our advice, we conclude that he/she is a bad person - not the abusive person. People who abuse others are like 'small gods' to be complained about but not stood up to. They are treated like victims to be understood and pitied and their victims are to be advised and praised for tolerating abuse.
2.       Praying in tongues is a shouting competition. A test of endurance. At the first Pentecost, we are told that the tongues (languages) of the apostles were understood by a multitude of devout men from 'every nation under heaven' (Acts 2: 1 - 8). In our time, no human being can understand the tongues we speak; an endless stream of discordant sounds emitted by people in seeming agony and disarray. 
3.      We swat a fly with a sledgehammer but always attempt to separate …


Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves: They will live long and enjoy life.
Blessed are those who can tell a mountain from a molehill: They will be saved a lot of anxiety.
Blessed are those who do not make excuses: They will sooner achieve their dreams.
Happy are you if you can appreciate a smile and forget a frown: You will walk on the sunny side of the street.
Happy are you if you can be kind in understanding the attitudes of others: You may be taken for a fool, but this is the price of charity.
Happy are you if you know when to hold your tongue and just smile: You have opened your heart to the light of the Gospel.
Blessed are they who think before acting and pray before thinking: They will avoid many blunders and much trouble.
Blessed are those who recognize the Lord in all whom they meet: The light of truth shines in their lives.

(Anonymous Author)