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A Tale of Footprints

Take a walk down the village path
And read the tales on its face.
A thousand tales told and retold
In the marks of those gone before.
Some full, some half trodden down
Some giantish, some dwarfish
Some clear, some blur, vanishing.
All equally lie, telling their tales
For who cares to read.
Tales of hope, tales of fear
Some of terrors and of tragedies
And many strides of happy success.

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Long I stood over those silent tales
Reading as far as the eye could see
For many are the voices thereof;
Some speak in the centre of the path, And leave deep tales in the dust That are fast trodden under and lost. Others speak on the edges,
Brushing thorns and stubs and weeds And hardly leave an impression But the dying weeds tell their tale. By their effort the path grows.
Many diverge into the thicket And still many converge on it But on and on the path goes.

It is a duty to follow it For to take the path, all must And everyone leaves silent prints Wh…

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